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        Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!

St. Peter, pray for us!

Prayer is important and a way to strengthen and connect ourselves even when far away.  Place your prayer request or Question about the faith here by hitting the "Request a prayer button".  I will then post your answers in the Apologetics section of the website.  God bless and know I will pray for you by placing you in the Mantle of our dear mother Mary.

Very Urgent Prayer Request

over a year ago by Dwi Pray for me
Please pray me. My parents forsaken me and only thought themselves so that my life worse. Their cousins cheated and stole the treasure our parents. Then when my life better I usually helped my older sister financially but now she want to take over all of our family property. She will going mad when we discuss it as if we don?t have rights. She also stole the money for medical expenses from our parents. I need a lot of miracles and expenses for me, my family, and my parents. I want to have cost to finish my study in university very well and without problems though I had long been unable to study because do not have a cost. Please pray me also for healing of tumor or cancer, lung, and all diseases.

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