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"God's greatest gift to us, is the gift of life.  What we do with our Life is our gift to God."-Bl.Teresa of Kalkuta


Finding God in Beauty and the Feminine Genius

Women are blessings from God and to the world! Here's my latest in OSV Weekly.  Enjoy and on a personal note, if you are a woman, THANK YOU for all you do! God bless!

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 Here is my newest book about the history, functionality, and examples of the deacons.

 A quick, but must-read for all those who have ever wondered about the role and development of the deacon within the Church.



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Apologetics Question of the Week

Can you explain the Gospel Antiphon in Night Prayer.  How can we "watch with Christ" while we are sleep?  Click here for the answer.



Faith, Hope, and Love: Apologetics for the 21st Century

               The gift of Apologetics


Click here for a package of Apologetics:


 Faith (Pope Benedict XVI) and Apologetics with Key Doctrines of the Faith (with new chapter defending the Church's stance on the beauty of marriage)

Hope (Pope Saint John Paul II) with a Study of the Theology of the Body and how God made us for the happiness we all are looking for.

Love (Pope Francis) with How to bring people the joy of the Gospel and do Apologetics with various groups of people. 


Books and Audio for finding ourselves

Who Am I:  The Theology of the Body in Prayer (2nd edition now out)

Who are we? What is our purpose?  These are basic questions most people have and are fundamental, not only to our faith, but to our very existence.  The answer to these fundamental questions are not far off; they are right in front of us through Jesus Christ, prayer, and the Theology of the Body.  To buy a copy of this exillarating book, click here .   Buy from me directly at and get the CD below for free!!     

The Perfect Compliment to Who Am I: The Theology of the Body in Prayer-

Back To Basics: The Theology of the Body in Prayer

This dynamic talk takes you on a journey that prepares you for Who Am I: The Theology of the Body in Prayer.  By itself or with the book, this talk will inspire you with the Wisdom of Popes John Paul II and Pope Benedict to rediscover yourself by getting back to basics.  Click here for your copy or to listen.



Now Available-MAN UP with Bezalel Books


This is a must for all men.

A fast-paced men's retreat that will help you to become the man God is calling you to be.

I contribute to a chapter in this book showing how the Theology of the Body helps us to live out our manhood. 



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In this month of the Rosary, let us count the blessing that God has given us in women!! 

Here's an article I wrote showing how  Popes John Paul II and Francis are encouraging this devotion within our beloved Church.    

Click here for more Good News about the blessing of woman in my latest article. 


Check out my articles in Catechist magazine in the "Letter to Catechist" section.   An excellent resource for catechist.  Click here for more.





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Other Books by Gerard-Marie Anthony

The Four Keys to Sanctity

A book about four foundational blocks for growing in holiness: Faith, Prayer, Suffering, and our Blessed Mother. A great short read, especially in understanding the mystery of suffering.


Why Do Catholics Worship Mary?

A book written for non-Catholics and Catholics looking at Catholic beliefs from reason, history, and Scripture. This is a short apologetic powerhouse in understanding Marian devotion and why Catholics DON"T worship Mary.

All books can be obtained here:

Marian Reflection in honor of Our Lady 

He has exalted the lowly: Mary, a reflection on the Magnificat Queen of Prophets.MP3

 A talk on Mary in the light of the prophetic tradition of Israel

Printed Magazine Articles

Friday, July 20th (9:10-9:40am): Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo

Look up my dynamic interview about True Feminism, the dignity of women, freedom, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Interviews on the SonRise Morning Show-May 21, 2014 and (WEWTN Radio):

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For other shows on the Sonrise Morning show:

Jan 29th, 2014, December 18th and 2nd, 2013 click here.

My interview on EWTN Radio's Mary's Touch

I was recently interviewed on Mary's Touch.  The interview is labeled Episode 5.10.  Enjoy.  It was a great interview in which I was blessed with the oppurtunity to talk about the power and devotion of the Brown Scapular.  It can be found at: .

This is a very inspirational group of women (Cheri Lomonte and Sally Robb) who run this show and I highly recommend their program as a source of hope and support in devotion to Our Blessed Mother. 

Can you please say 3 Hail Marys for the intentions of our Blessed Mother?  Thanks

You look at the cross, and understand how much God loved you then. You look at the Sacred Host and understand how much God loves you now."-Bl. Teresa of Calcuta