Finding Faith
Gerard-Marie Anthony

Answers about Catholicism

Professed Virgin brings TOB to Cosmopolitan Magazine


Check out this magnificent article about my friend who is a Consecrated Virgin who tells the great blessings of celibacy and finding fulfillment through it.   

Theology of the Body and Our Blessed Mother

Here's a brief talk on how The Theology of the Body with Our Blessed Mother can teach us profound life lessons.




Jean Bellegambe
Saint Anne conceiving the Virgin Mary

Douai, Musée de la Chartreuse

Theology of the Body in Suffering

How can our bodies give us insights into the mystery of suffering?  Listen to this short talk and find out:


Theology of the Body in Work and Economics

What do our bodies tell us about work and economics?  Are our bodies a key to unlock economic secrets?  Listen to this talk and find out some unexpected truths about theology, work, and economics. and Economics.MP3